New Antivirus Software

Greetings! We at Twin County Tech would like to thank you for being a valued customer!  This message is to let you know that we are upgrading our antivirus software and to give you a look at the new software so that when you see it in the next few days you will know what it is.

The new software consists of 2 parts.  The agent which resides on your pc and keeps the software up to date, and the new antivirus software itself.  In the image below, our agent shows up as a blue shield with the letters “TCT” on it.  Immediately to the left of it you see a green icon, this is the antivirus, it may show in a different order on your computer.

Below is a picture of the main window of the new antivirus, Emsisoft.  From here you can customize most of the available features as well as run scans whenever you choose.  You asked and we listened!  This software has most all the options available to you, compared to the older software which didn’t expose most of it’s options to you.