Medical Alert Systems

A Medical Alert Unit, also known as a Personal Emergency Response Unit or “PERS” Unit is a device that will enable your loved ones to be safe and secure when they are home alone. Twin County Tech Inc is proud to be a dealer for LogicMark.

The Caretaker, by LogicMark, is revolutionary in that the pendant, that is carried by the user, has two-way voice built in. Most units only have voice on the base station meaning that the user has to be within range of the base unit to be heard.

Please note that a landline home phone is required for these units to function. Cellular based units are available but they do NOT function in this area. Currently most cellular units function off of cell phone providers that do NOT serve this area.

TCT provides a lease option on these units, the unit is yours for as long as you have service with us.

Alarm Electronics AE107
– $60 Installed
– $29.99 Monthly
LogicMark Caretaker or LifeSentry
2 Way Voice on pendant
– $75 Installed
– $29.99 Monthly