Web Design

Twin County Tech is your most cost effective local option for web design. We have designed websites for dozens of local businesses over the years helping them to reach a lot of potentials clients via the internet. We can custom design a site to fit your specifications whether you need a simple site to get your name out or a complex site with a shopping cart for e-commerce.

Rates for web design vary depending on the site with the average site starting around $300 for design plus $300 for the first years hosting. After the first year the hosting is all you pay. Re-work of the site after initial design is finished is billed at $35 per hour.

Social Networking Sites

Twin County Tech can setup and maintain your “place” pages on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and other social networking sites. With the rise of social networking, you really cant afford not to have a presence on sites such as Facebook simply because your competition probably already does. Rates start at $50 for the first service and $25 for each additional service you want a “place” page on.