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Business IT Support

We keep your business systems working for you with the best local support and Managed IT Services.

Residential IT Support

Offering friendly and professional IT support for all the tech in your home.


We offer the fastest turn around of any local repair shop.

Imagine never worrying about your computers again.

Imagine never worrying about your technology again.

What if someone could….

Monitor your systems 24/7 and proactively remediate issues when they arise?

Offer simple, flat-rate billing to further simplify management of your IT expenses?

Manage and maintain your entire network including business systems, network, electronic security, surveillance, and more?

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If you break it, we can fix it.

Everything will be alright. That’s how this relationship works.

However, there’s so much more than just breaking and fixing.
Whether a desktop, laptop, or all-in-one, we can fix it!
When you have a system that’s running slow and needing an upgrade, we can fix it!

IT Support done the right way

What can you expect?

Fifteen years experience supporting various technologies in a broad range of environments.
A friendly, live person located here in the Virginia will work with you and provide the needed technical resource for the issue.
Further more, with remote and on-site support, you get IT support when & where you need it.

No backup means a lot of time and money wasted.

Did you know?

60% of SMB’s that lose their data will shut down within 6 months as a result
58% of SMB’s are not prepared for data loss
140,000 hard drives fail in the US each week

We offer simple and customizable solutions to protect your data, giving you peace of mind.

Burglar Alarms to protect your valuables & loved ones.

Local service without the big business hassles or price tag.

Twin County Tech excels at providing cost-effective burglar & fire alarms.

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